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Monthly artist meet and greet January 31st 2024

We are happy to announce that we will be offering one day a month for you to come see our studio and meet some of our artists without a tattoo appointment. Your opportunity to be a part of our murder of crows.

If you want to just say hi, give us a hug or meet other Old Crow Tattoo clients, this is the event. We will have snacks, drinks, and some merch and/or artwork for sale.

You will have the opportunity to ask general questions for your artists during these events; however, we do not advise that this is an appropriate substitution for a formal consultation with your desired artists.

This is a fantastic opportunity to come by with your healed work and have your artists get healed photos of your projects. If you want to get professional quality photos of your tattoos taken, please shave the area where your tattoo has been done for photos shaved and moisturized prior to coming in.

Our next event is January 31st from 6-8pm. Our attending artists are:




We also might have some guest artists and Caitlin


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